Lil‘ Rocket

You are lost in space and there is not enough fuel left to return to the Earth. Try to avoid the planets and collect ‘PowerUps’ to reach your home planet – your destiny awaits you in the stars!

5.0 stars on iTunes App Store

Lil‘ RocketiTunes App Store5.0


Each time you begin the game you will fly through a completely different universe. Playing ‘Lil‘ Rocket’ is never repetitive…not even when trying for the hundredth time to reach your home planet.
Activate ‘Game Center’ on your iPhone and travel to infinity and beyond – or simply travel to the edge of the Universe!

Video & Landing Page

Check out Lil‘ Rocket in action!
Watch the video to get a first impression of Lil‘ Rocket.
Visit the landing page to get updates about the game: Landing Page


Intuitive Gameplay
Steer the rocket by tilting your mobile device. What counts is both skill and strategic thinking!
Beautiful Design
The Universe is inhabited by a lot of wonderful planets, so…you should watch out to avoid them!
Attention: This game is very addictive! When trying to break high scores, don’t forget to relax from time to time and have a nice cup of tea. 😉